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MEDITERRANEAN CAPELLINI DIAVOLO   capellini pasta, black olives, artichoke hearts, shallots, diavolo tomato sauce reduced in heavy cream, topped with feta and parsley

ADD     sauteed prawns (3) *  |  grilled chicken breast   |  micro-plant vegetarian beef


ROMESCO QUINOA    quinoa blend with sauteed green beans, mushrooms, bell peppers, roasted cauliflower and black beans, finished with romesco sauce   

sauteed prawns (3) *     |   grilled chicken breast     |   micro-plant vegetarian beef substitute 


MOZZARELLA STUFFED CHICKEN   prosciutto wrapped chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and asparagus, plated over Chefs potatoes, Beechers white cheddar cheese sauce, garnish of charred grape tomatoes with balsamic reduction


CHIMICHURRI CHICKEN   8oz chimichurri seasoned chicken breast, negro sauce, roasted poblano creamy polenta, pico de gallo, queso cheese crumble


SHORT RIB    boneless certified angus beef short rib braised in rosemary, red wine-jus,

plated over mashed potatoes covered in stroganoff sauce with sauteed kale,

cipollini onion and crimini mushrooms


SEAFOOD CAPELLINI   dungeness/jonah crab, prawns, manilla clams, mahi-mahi, simmered in stock, garlic herb butter, finished with a diavolo tomato sauce




bearnaise sauce, asparagus, mashed potatoes


ANGUS SIRLOIN  (6oz) *  peppercorn bourbon sauce w/shallots, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, Chefs potatoes


ANGUS RIBEYE  (10oz) *  garlic parsley butter, cambazola wedge, asparagus, Chefs potatoes        ADD TO YOUR STEAK ~ DUNGENESS AND JONAH CRAB  3oz  leg meat w/herb garlic butter   MP


16 oz LAMB SHANK   or   9 oz HALF RACK  *     slow braised lamb shank resting over mashed potatoes, finished with braising-jus, tomato, fennel, rosemary, garlic, roasted root vegetables, goat cheese   


PORK CHOP  (12oz) *  rubbed with a curry & coffee spice blend, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, Brandy mushroom sauce, chefs potatoes